Frost Advisory #205 – Love What Your Listeners Love; and Other Lessons From My Mother

I heard someone play the violin this morning in church. I love the violin, but for a different reason than most. I love the violin because my mother played the violin. All through my Wonder Years I happily followed my mom around while she played in the orchestra for shows like “The Sound of Music”, “My Fair Lady”, and “Brigadoon.” Growing up in a musical family has given me a worldview that has shaped even my professional journey.

“Sometimes you have to watch somebody love something before you can love it yourself. It is if they are showing you the way.” Donald Miller, “Blue Like Jazz”

“Each person has a different set of biases and values and assumptions, and those world views are influenced by their parents, their schools, the places they live and the experiences they’ve had to date. Their worldview is the lens they use to determine whether or not they’re going to believe a story.” Seth Godin

We see this demonstrated every election season when one candidate’s signs are abundant in one neighborhood but his opponent is prominent in another. We see it on Super Bowl Sunday, Christmastime, and the 4th of July. We also see this played out at our radio stations.

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Frost Advisory #204 – The Search for the Magic Bullet

I’ve actually never seen one but I hear about the magic bullet almost every week. We yearn to embrace solutions that are simple and don’t require too much thinking.

Run a new contest.

Change the deejays around.

Run more traffic reports. Run fewer traffic reports.

Play more Toby Mac.

Let’s change the voice over guy!

Breath in a bag, hon!

Now don’t get me wrong, in certain situations it might be good to consider one of these tactics. But it’s fascinating how perfectly reasonable people accept a magic bullet without hesitation. We want to believe the simple. Perhaps it’s because everything else is hard.
Lose twenty pounds in a week!

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