Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #320 – The Female Voice

The last tip was about a challenge that skews mostly male – the “big” voice.  So now, let’s talk about the female voice.

There are some incredible female voice actors and air talents, but the percentage of women who actually get coaching in radio that’s specific to their voices is staggeringly small.

Often, this is the result of today’s radio world.  Like many of my friends, I started out doing all-nights, then moved to evenings, etc. where we had time to get our arms around what our voices were most capable of, and how to eliminate the less ear-friendly parts of our voices and deliveries by simply putting in the ten thousand hours that becoming really good at something requires.

But a lot of women on the air today haven’t had that luxury.  Often, they’re immediately plopped down in middays, or made a partner in a morning team show, with virtually no preparation in what that SOUND should be.

LEARN what you can do with your voice.  Try to sound like a mom, a sister, a friend, a lawyer presenting a case in court, a doctor talking to a patient, etc.  Each of those requires a slightly different delivery, with tiny nuances that are either going to be three-dimensional and pull people toward you, or they’re just going to fizzle.  Mad, sweet, informative (but not lecturing), smart (but not smarmy), forceful but not shrill – these are all little “roles” you can play to find out just what arrows you really have in your vocal “quiver.”

It takes a good ear, first of all; then an absolute honesty about what you’re hearing yourself do.  Breathing when you should (at the end of a thought), caressing a message to the listener rather than “announcing” it – these things take time, and training.  You can self-train, and if you want to accelerate the program, get a coach.  Often, a “hire” comes down to which person just has more vocal “chops.”

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