Frost Advisory #504 – For Such A Time As This

It’s the new normal. We’ve adapted to working remotely, conference calls on Zoom that look like we’re on the Brady Bunch, and to dealing with social separation at the grocery store and Home Depot.

Let’s hope it won’t last much longer.

Patrick Lecione shares interesting insight on leadership during such a time as this on a recent podcast with Andy Stanley. While his concepts are focused on organizational leadership I believe you’ll see valuable lessons that can be applied to a station’s relationship with its listeners, advertisers, and donors.

He shares…

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Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #357 – SPECIAL EDITION: Coronavirus Guidelines

We’re in uncharted waters right now, because the Coronavirus is the #1 subject locally, nationally, and globally…

So let’s look at it both Strategically and from a Coaching perspective.


These are the core ingredients in what we should want to air right now:

Acts of kindness
Stories of hope
Examples of self-sacrifice…

In short, be the “glass half full” station.  If that seems corny to you, grow up.  Negativity and Fear are everywhere.  If you feed them, they get worse.

Coaching Tips

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Frost Advisory #503 – Living Out Your Station’s Purpose

We’re living it. Right now.

The bad news is at our fingertips, on our TV screens, and evident in the streets where we live. Everyone is talking about it. There’s no doubt we’re living in unusual times, but our stations have a different role to play than CNN or FOX News. Certainly there is bad news. But all the news isn’t bad news.

Since 1963, the University of Delaware’s Disaster Research Center has conducted nearly 700 field studies on floods and earthquakes, and on-site research reveals the same results every time: the vast majority of people stay calm and help each other.

“Whatever the extent of the looting, it always pales in significance to the widespread altruism that leads to free and massive giving and sharing of goods and services.”

“I don’t know what you’re seeing,” a psychiatrist tweeted, “but I’m seeing people wanting to help all over the place. By following official recommendations, or something practical like doing someone’s grocery shopping…”

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Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #356 – Your “B” Side

You want to be KNOWN for something.  Some quality – humor, relatable “just like I am” presence, unique vocabulary – SOMETHING that makes you different from everyone else.

But you don’t ONLY want to be known for one thing.

In the days of vinyl 45 rpm singles, the “A” side was why you bought it – at first.  But as the Beatles proved, the “B” side was often just as good.  It’s that way in everything.  Harrison Ford was Han Solo, but he was also “The Fugitive.”  Lebron James is a great basketball player, but what he’s given back to his hometown is what defines him as a human being.

To LAST, there has to be depth.  (This is something that people in the public eye need to pay attention to.  Today’s “trending” is tomorrow’s “Is he still alive?”)

Develop your main thing to the fullest.  Then add another thing.