Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #362 – Stories Aren’t About What Happened

This may sound counterintuitive, but stories aren’t about what happened.

For our purposes as air talent, they’re about what we FELT about what happened.  The Emotion is the core, and that’s the thing that connects with the listener.

If all you can bring to the table is just some comment with no real emotion attached to it, or just some stupid punch line, you’re not going to connect.

Focus FIRST on the Emotion.  THEN put the story together.

Frost Advisory #508 – Programming Advice From The Real Expert – Mom!

They say opinions are like noses; everyone has one.

The boss, the Facebook posts from listeners, the sales manager, or the weekend disc jockey, everyone has an opinion on what your station should be doing to be better. At least for them.

On this Mother’s Day, I wonder what advice we could get from Mom.

Be a good friend

Friends make others feel welcome. Friends don’t talk down to others. Friends don’t have conversations that exclude others. Friends encourage.

Don’t be selfish

The moment we think the station is all about us, we lose perspective. Your station’s values are reflected in what’s hanging in the hallways. Is it all about you? Your station ultimately exists to serve others. The word for being self-focused is “ego.”

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Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #361 – Not Wasting Words

One of the most powerful building blocks in becoming a great talent is not wasting words.

It’s kind of like learning to drive.  On one side is the curb – saying TOO little, so nothing was said that made your Content “pop.”  On the other side is the double yellow line – belaboring a subject where there’s nothing new left to say, but you’re still talking.  That’s a head-on collision waiting to happen.

The cure: prep to where you get what you want to say down to the most concise form possible.  Then just let it “breathe” a little when you do it on the air.

Frost Advisory #507 – Do you promise?

Our world has changed. Perhaps you’ve noticed.

People are anxious. Many are fearful. There is a new normal and we’re not quite sure what it is.

Our vocabulary is filled with concepts unfamiliar just a few months ago. Social distancing. COVID-19. N95 masks. Even the mention of places in the world like Wuhan.

During this pandemic I’m sure your radio station is doing some good stuff. Many stations are doing lots of good stuff. But the more important question is… are you fulfilling a promise?

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