Frost Advisory #599 – A Spirit Of Learning

On last week’s show I shared how a job transition 30 years ago became a learning experience that has impacted my perspective and attitude even decades later.

Some context. My experience at that time included two decades on the air, the latter half at some big stations in big markets, and more recently as the programmer of a top 5 station in a top 5 market. Due to a station sale, I found myself in a role with the new company that was neither specifically on air nor programming. I was glad to have a gig but, if honest, didn’t initially realize the value it would have in my career.

I had a choice. I could either view my skill set in the rear view mirror or I could embrace a spirit of learning; a new format, a new role, and the vision for a new kind of radio station. The choice was made easy for me because of the people and the project. I was surrounded by major market pros and we were learning a brand new format, and we were learning it together.

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Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #452: Any idiot…

The great Larry Ryan in Shreveport, Louisiana, was my first true radio mentor.  In our first aircheck session, he stopped the tape and said, “Any idiot can sit there and intro songs…”

That empowered me to DO something on the air.  (Larry would keep saying it until you did.)

To update this: Any idiot can read a social media post.  I can read Facebook or look at Instagram, etc. without you.  What else have you got?  What’s something personal you can share with me that we have in common?  Use YOUR life… OUR lives.