Tommy Kramer Tip #240 – The Last Episode Before the Last Episode

At the end of the Fall 2017 network television season, we saw something unprecedented.  The reason you may not have noticed it is that it didn’t work – at all.

“The last episode before the gripping season finale…” was the “trailer” at the end of the NEXT TO LAST episode of at least two series that I regularly watch.

Think about this.  “The last episode before the last episode.”  Where does the madness end with these stupid network hype machines?

“The last episode before the stirring final three episodes” is probably being written into promos right now… by idiots who’ve bought into the notion that everything needs to be ‘bigger’ and more impressive before anyone will notice it.

But that’s fundamentally wrong, because when we feel overhyped, there’s an oily residue to it that actually makes us resent it.  (Or we just ignore it as “white noise” and go on about our business.)

Look at the copy you’re reading today.  If it’s full of over-modifiers like “fantastic,” “awesome,” “amazing,” etc. then you should ARBITRARILY take out all but ONE adjective, so it’ll sound more genuine.

Otherwise, the things people hear in your promos, commercials, or Imaging are like Jiffy Pop – just full of hot air.

Tommy Kramer

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