Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #479: Next, Free Time, and Reminder – Team Show Communication

Having coached over 300 team shows, and doing 5 different team shows in my career, I can tell you that true team show communication is often elusive, or sometimes erratic.  Let me help you with that.

The minute you close the mic at the end of a break, talk about what you’re going to do next.  Lay it out, who’ll do what, etc. then go about your business.  It’s free time now, to do whatever you want – talk to each other more (always a good idea), just have a little silent time, check your email… whatever.

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Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #478: Part OF the Music, or Just Waiting for the Song to End?

Here’s a question for you: Do you come across as PART OF the music, or like you’re just waiting for the song to end, so you can talk?  You’re either going to a part of it, or not.

I’ve talked about this before, but you should want to match the mood, the “vibe” of the song, or match the pace of the song – or both – so you’re a PART of the listening experience.

Too many stations are running Imaging way too much of the time, and the air talent doesn’t get to talk often enough.  We need to hear these people so we can bond with them.  Just your tone of voice, or a little remark over the song, can say a lot.

I’m not bonding with your Imaging guy.

Frost Advisory #624 – Simple And predictable: The Enemy Of Problem Solving

On last week’s show I shared how our minds crave simplicity. Our ego seduces us to consider things close to us as more important than things more distant.

I’m often brought into conversations about a dip in the ratings or a fundraiser falling short of the goals. (Rarely do we have these conversations when things are humming along). The quick answers are always telling.

First, they are always simple. “We’re playing too much Praise and Worship.” “We’re playing too little Praise and Worship.” “We need more variety.” “My neighbor doesn’t listen anymore.”

Rita in accounting will inevitably react with, “We’re not playing enough tobyMac.” Or too much.

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Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #477: Does Your Positioning Phrase Matter?

It depends on what it is, but only rarely have I heard a Positioning phrase or slogan that actually matters, especially if it’s just touting things like “12 in a row” or “50-minute music hours,” or the nebulous “More music.”  (More music than what?  My refrigerator?)

Anybody who wants to do so can make those claims, and somebody will, I guess, but why settle for that?

Here’s what you really are:  What the listeners think you are when they listen to you.

So consider taking off a lot (or all) of the “sloganeering” and SHOW me why I should listen.  It starts with THIS time you open the mic.

Note: there are stations whose Imaging actually means something.  But I wouldn’t say they’re in the majority.