Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #525: Hubie Brown and Your Dollar

The great NBA coach Hubie Brown, also a master “color man” for NBA games for years, has this great saying, “He gives you his dollar.” (Think Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, etc.)

That means the player gives you everything he has every game, a “dollar” rather than, say, 40 cents.

I’ve helped many stations in the search for air talent over the years, and that ingredient is always what we look for.  I feel that a good talent who doesn’t give it a full-out effort every day is cheating the station – and himself/herself.

All the “flash” in the world can’t make up for a lazy work ethic.  Give it your “dollar” every break, every hour, every day you’re on the air.  You never know when someone who could change the course of your career might be listening.

Frost Advisory #672 – We Only Care About Things That Are Designed To Be Cared About

What do you passionately care about?

I’ve never heard anyone say that they loved a generic music channel like you can find on XM/Sirius, unless it was something offbeat that appealed to only three people such as the Jamaican Bongo Channel or the Left-handed Texas Fiddler channel.

Things that are generic don’t generate passion and loyalty. If a customer can take it or leave it… chances are they’ll leave it.

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Frost Advisory #671 – A Father’s Influence… On Your Station

Quick! Name a TV dad that is portrayed as a positive role model! How ’bout in movies?

They say that 85% of men in prison grew up in fatherless homes. Role models can change the trajectory of a life. My dad certainly did for me.

As a format that is foundationally about beliefs and values, we have the opportunity to tell a better story about the role of men than what is typically on TV. (To prove my point I did a Google search for Best TV Dads and the list included Homer Simpson, Herman Munster, and Archie Bunker.)

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Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #523: Did You Get Noticed Today?

Times have changed.  Local stations often don’t sound local.  Syndicated shows tend to talk about generic subjects because they can’t be specific to a certain city or state.  Huge radio companies are so weak in coaching the talent that many air talents have never had a coaching session.

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