Frost Advisory #70 – Love what your listener loves

I heard someone play the violin this morning. I love the violin. I love the violin not for the reason most people do. I love the violin because my mom played the violin.

Donald Miller says, “Sometimes you have to watch somebody love something before you can love it yourself. It is if they are showing you the way.”

Consider how much your station connects with the things your listener loves the most.

What ways does your station demonstrate that you love her family?

What ways does your station demonstrate that you love her community?

What ways does your station demonstrates that you love and encourage her faith?

Notice I didn’t say your faith, or your ownership’s faith. I said her faith. Successful stations meet their listeners where they are and then provide a context in which to move listeners into a deeper relationship so that the station accomplishes its purpose.

Frost Advisory #68 – The three stages of success

As I approach my 40th anniversary in radio I’ve been privileged to work with dozens and dozens of people much smarter and talented who have generously poured themselves into me.

This week’s programming tip is a result of taking those influences to discern the decision making dynamics at dozens of Contemporary Christian radio stations over the last decade.

I’ve worked with radio stations that have become award winning in the industry, and I’ve worked with stations that have been a short blip on the screen. (Anyone remember Shine 97.7 in Albuquerque? I didn’t think so).

This week’s tip isn’t about the music you play, the disc jockeys you hire, or how much marketing and research a station has. This tip is about how trust is developed, and its impact on a station’s progress.

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