Frost Advisory #716 – What Does It Mean To Be Rich?

A legendary broadcaster recently asked me, “If you claim that your format can be so transformational, why are the stations so ordinary?”


Ken and Barbie in the morning, who replaced Ken and Barbie before them and few even noticed.* Nice Christian people talking about nice Christian things to nice Christian people.

Nice, indeed. But clearly not transformational to a listener’s life.

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Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #571: In the Mood

Moods matter. Some shows I’ve heard recently have one – but ONLY one.

We’re humans.  We have moods – all sorts of different ones, each day.  So, the challenge for you is to not just plaster on a veneer every day, but to have a definable mood to each show.

Tip: Reflect the mood around you – what you feel at home, or when you stop at a store for coffee, or at the place where you work. Feed off that. Let it guide you to be in step with the Listener.

When I sense that you feel what I’m feeling, we bond. And as I always say, we’re not paid by the word; we’re paid by the connection.

Frost Advisory #714 – We’re Hearing A Lot About Flags These Days

House Democrats wave Ukrainian flags on the floor of the House chamber while approving the bill for aid.

Anti-Israel protesters on college campuses wave the Palestinian flag.

Frat boys at UNC raise the American flag to counter the actions of the pro-Palestinian protestors, while raising $500,000 in support on GoFundMe.

Reckon’ there must be something deep and meaningful to this flag thing to cause this kind of stir.

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Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #569: Conquering the “One Speed” Thing

“Ear fatigue” can be caused by many different things. I want to refocus on one that I’m hearing way too much – the “one set speed” delivery.

It doesn’t seem to matter if the song is “having a stroke” fast or “worm crawling” slow, the air talent is at one speed all the time. No variation. It’s boring. That person is a time filler, rather than a true personality.

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