Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #464: The Best at Your Level

Best in your class.  Best in your school.  Best in the city.  At every level you attain, you should want to be the best at that level.

And then you want to find another level.

This is how growth happens.  The minute you get satisfied and think you have nothing else to learn, you’ll STOP learning.  And then you’ll become a dinosaur.

Radio is part science, part Art.  Part talent, part planning, part performance.  The desire to learn more is what fuels every great career.  If you need help, talk with friends, listen to each other’s work, and share thoughts.  Get a coach.  Study acting, movies, great books.

FEED the part of you that wants to be the best at your level.

Frost Advisory #610 – What We Can Learn From The Demise Of CNN+

Even New Coke had a longer lifespan than CNN+.

Fewer than 10,000 people were watching CNN+ daily. I reckon’ that’s less than your station’s daily cume if you’re in a good sized market.

“What you have to do is offer some original content, unique value or have a significantly important archive of content and CNN+ didn’t offer any of those things. These were total retreads of the same shows you could get for free featuring most of the same people and to the extent that they even had other kinds of documentary content most of those things you could get on other platforms. Just not interesting.”

Michael Moynihan/Matt Welch on The Megan Kelly Show

Okay. Let’s talk about what we can learn from the demise of CNN+.

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Frost Advisory #609 – What Our Stations Can Learn From Easter

The folks at Nielsen World Headquarters tell us there are more “religious” radio stations than any other format category. They also say those religious stations have fewer listeners than any other. Gulp!

Having been involved in the CCM format for more than twenty years, I suggest that there is something we can learn from Easter.

A radio station cannot grow unless it is designed to grow. And that requires a different kind of thinking. Strategic thinking.

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Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #462: Execution

The execution of something is far more important than the thinking of it.  When the time comes (when the mic opens), you have to be able to Stand and Deliver.

All the great ideas you’ll ever have won’t matter if you can’t put ’em across to the listener.  Even something as simple as saying the name of the station needs to be sincere, slightly different every time, and polished.

That’s why the biggest gap is between Good and Great.

And that’s why I coach. I love helping people get to Great.