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Frost Advisory #649 – My Grandmother’s Couch

There are sights and smells from our childhood we never forget. I grew up in the home my grandfather built.

I can still remember the sound of the grow ups talking downstairs while I was upstairs pretending to go to sleep. I remember the sound of the grandfather clock at the bottom of the staircase chiming every fifteen minutes and chiming the specific number of times on the hour.

My grandmother also lived in our hometown. The sights and smells of her home are just as vivid.

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Frost Advisory #647 – Let’s Celebrate What We Value: A New Year’s Resolution

I reckon’ the beginning of a new year is a good time to consider how we internalize the values in our organizations.

Andy Stanley suggests, “Just start celebrating what you value. People will value what you celebrate, and they will celebrate what you value.”

I’ve recently been reading “Breakfast with Fred,” the conversations and ideas of Fred Smith, Sr., a mentor for many leaders such as Zig Ziglar, Philip Yancey, John Maxwell and my friend Steve Brown.

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Frost Advisory #646 – New Year’s Resolution: A Flag In The Ground

If you’ve been reading my Frost Advisories these last 646 weeks you probably know that I believe it is important that a station demonstrate its “Beliefs and Values” position in a meaningful way. It is what I call “putting your flag in the ground.” Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin did that to symbolize that America was first on the moon. And we’ve never forgotten it.

The first Christian music station I ever launched over 20 years ago was in Jacksonville, Florida. It was called “The Promise.” Now in its third incarnation that station still regularly recites its flag in the ground: “The Promise promise.”

You may think that what I share next is about “The Free Press.” Well, it’s not. But it is.

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