Frost Advisory #714 – We’re Hearing A Lot About Flags These Days

House Democrats wave Ukrainian flags on the floor of the House chamber while approving the bill for aid.

Anti-Israel protesters on college campuses wave the Palestinian flag.

Frat boys at UNC raise the American flag to counter the actions of the pro-Palestinian protestors, while raising $500,000 in support on GoFundMe.

Reckon’ there must be something deep and meaningful to this flag thing to cause this kind of stir.

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Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #569: Conquering the “One Speed” Thing

“Ear fatigue” can be caused by many different things. I want to refocus on one that I’m hearing way too much – the “one set speed” delivery.

It doesn’t seem to matter if the song is “having a stroke” fast or “worm crawling” slow, the air talent is at one speed all the time. No variation. It’s boring. That person is a time filler, rather than a true personality.

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Frost Advisory #713 – People Who Are Into It

Biff picked me up at the airport and drove me to the station forty minutes away. Not once did he turn on his radio station or engage in a conversation about programming. And he was the music director.

Coaching sessions with the talent were different at this station. That’s because the program director didn’t show up. If you were the PD, wouldn’t you be curious about how the consultant was guiding your air staff? That you might be missing an opportunity to learn something new and grow your programming skills?

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Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #568: The “Me Too” thing for Radio

Years ago, when I was riding my Brontosaurus to work, I was paired with a partner named Rick “The Beamer” Robertson to do a morning team show in Dallas. I drove there from Louisiana to talk to the PD about the gig, and met Rick for the first time when he arrived about a half-hour later. The first thing he did was to stick out his to shake, and say, “Hi, I’m Rick, your mail-order bride.”

I knew we were going to get along.

The station, sadly, wasn’t that great, but we worked hard to have a great morning show, and did well. It was a lot of fun.

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Frost Advisory #712 – Free Tacos With Purchase

Every format seems to have a default setting – what it reverts to without proper care and feeding. Some can sound cluttered, others can be inconsistent.

I’ve found that the CCM format has the tendency to default to sameness. Songs can sound alike. Air talent can sound instructive rather than inspirational. Sometimes it can sound like nothing more than…

nice Christian people talking to nice Christian people about nice Christian things.

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Frost Advisory #711 – Make Big Things Little And Little Things Big

I’ve never met Isaac but I did get to witness what is likely one of the highlights of his life.

A few months ago Isaac was able to meet Matthew West prior to a concert and shared his dream of singing on stage with Matthew. While some might have viewed that as small talk with an artist, Matthew saw it as another opportunity to share a fan’s story. A few hours later Isaac was on stage singing “Truth Be Told” with Matthew West.

In his showcasing a fan Matthew demonstrated a technique that I’ve referred to as making big things little and little things big.

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Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #566: Speaking Well = Success and Respect

Okay, this tip is for radio and TV talent, but it’s also kind of for life in general.

I wholly believe that if you want to be successful – and be respected – the key is speaking well. This will get you ahead in almost any profession, but I believe it especially applies to radio and TV.

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Frost Advisory #710 – I Want To Wear the Tee Shirt

A sea of red, it has been described. For the past 25 years in my other life I’ve served as the public address announcer for the St. Louis Cardinals’ spring training. That means for the month of March I’m surrounded by visitors from the Midwest and beyond that embrace the identify of Cardinal Nation. I know many of their names. And yes, they wear red.

A brand is much more than just a combination of attributes.

Attributes are the elements that any station can do. Songs, deejays, contests, information elements like traffic and weather. A brand is bigger than that.

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