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John has been a successful major market DJ and PD for such companies as CBS, Gannett, Cap Cities, Westinghouse, Multimedia, and Sandusky and publishes the Frost Advisory.

Frost Advisory #460 – A Programming Lesson From D-Day!

Something remarkable happened 75 years ago that few find relevant today. Unless you are a history buff. Unless you had a parent or grandparent in the military. Unless your parents got married 9 days after D-Day (which mine did). Unless you were able to see the stories of D-Day through the lens of today.

That is exactly what The Atlantic offered its readers. They took images gathered 70+ years ago at Normandy and photographed the very same locations as they appear today. It’s stunning when you look through the lens of how things look today.

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Frost Advisory #459 – Are You Worth Talking About?

What if one simple change changed everything?

Weight loss. Self confidence.

Attitude. Growing relationships. Dwelling less on negative.


How can we get people to talk about us?

My friend Jim is a Cubs fan. He talks about the Cubs every time we’re together. The Cubs aren’t paying him to do this. In fact, the Cubs probably don’t know he is doing it.

He talks about the Cubs because they are inherently interesting.

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Frost Advisory #458 – C’mon Kids, Let’s Be Ordinary!

If you and I made a list of things that make a radio station ordinary we’d likely come up with the same list.

That’s the thing about ordinary. There is no surprise. There is no delight.

Consistency is good.

               Predict  abil ity is not.   

Consistency allows fulfilling expectations, delivering on promises, being dependable.

Predictability does things the same way, defaults to monotonous patterns, and ignores the transformative power of creativity.

“While a speaker… arranges his words into understandable sentences, the listener … anticipates and discounts the predictable.”

Roy Williams

Predictable is why we no longer see a billboard we’ve passed for weeks. It’s the reason our mind starts to wander when Uncle Virgil tells the same story over and over. It’s the reason ordinary radio stations can’t capture our attention, much less our hearts.

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Frost Advisory #457 – Men in Pink: A Programming Lesson

Did you see it too?

Hundreds of millionaire professionals willingly gave up a tool of their trade and replaced it will something that on any other day, in any other circumstance, would subject them to ridicule and harassment from their co-workers.

They wore pink.

Sunday was a special Mother’s Day at ballparks across the country as Major League Baseball joined forces to raise money for breast cancer research. The players demonstrated their support by wearing pink wrist bands and using pink bats. Some wore pink batting helmets and pink caps.

Think about this… if someone had tried to convince Major League ballplayers to wear pink just for the sake of wearing pink… it would have never happened.

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Frost Advisory #454 – Easter Sunday And A Lesson From The Umbrella Man

I arrived at Easter Sunday church during a torrential Florida downpour. Streets were flooding and the church parking lot looked like it could host a water ski tournament.

As I jumped out of my car and headed for the church building I was greeted by a friendly young man in rain gear carrying an umbrella. He greeted me with a paradoxical sunny disposition and walked me from my car to the covered walk way. He then ran off to greet the next apprehensive still-dry visitor.

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Frost Advisory #453 – A Programming Lesson From Tiger Woods

What’s your station about? My experience is that most stations are about new music adds, the next Christian music concert, deejays and features.

“The foolish thing to do is pretend your features are so good that nothing else matters.

Something else always matters.”

Seth Godin

Tiger Woods has just won his 5th Masters.

“He had gone nearly 11 years since he won his last major, 14 years since that green jacket was slipped off his Sunday red shirt.”

Doug Ferguson, the Associated Press

Notice I’m not quoting the Golf Channel. The stories are streaming out from the Associated Press, Fox News, CNN, NPR, and TMZ.

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Frost Advisory #452 – I Don’t Care About Your Mom

“I don’t care about your mom” may initially sound rather harsh, but… it’s true. Here is the redeeming part. I may not care about your mom, but I care about OUR moms. We care about the common experience.

“People will be more interested in your home movies if they are in them.”

Roy Williams

Just last week I was involved in a project where we asked loyal listeners about a certain radio station. Funny though, they didn’t talk about the features and attributes of the station they way we radio types do… they talked about themselves; their struggles, their kids, their responsibilities, their stress, their environment, their values. The radio station was only referenced in the way it intersected with their lives, if it added value to their lives.

In other words…

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