Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #294 – The Lone Ranger, the Silver Bullet, and You

Leading up to last Halloween, a show I work with did a wonderful break that leapt out of the radio about Trick-or-Treating in a Halloween mask.  After talking about how restrictive one could be, one member of the team did a “trick or treat” delivery like his face was being smashed in by the mask.  It was really funny and SO visual.

Then his partner followed up with how it could have been raining, and did a rain sound effect.

While well-intentioned, this violates my “fire one bullet” philosophy.  Think of it like the Lone Ranger.  Part of his “legend” was that he used silver bullets.  As a kid, I thought “those must be really expensive, so that’s probably why he’s such a good shot.”  After all, you wouldn’t want to waste those silver bullets.

Most air talents keep trying for one more laugh, like an amateur on an “Open Mic” night at a comedy club.  But for 99% of jocks, you need to remember that you’re not Jim Gaffigan or Jerry Seinfeld.  No one paid to see you.  One bullet is probably all you’re going to get.  So fire it, then move along.  If you do have a second thought that you think is valid, do a second break later and fire THAT bullet.

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