Tommy Kramer Tip #192 – The Relationship Between Ego And Confidence

Over the last two decades of coaching hundreds of radio stations, I’ve rarely heard this dealt with, except behind closed doors.  (Usually the GM or PD questioning me about a “difficult” talent.)

If you really want a better daypart, a raise, or even just genuine respect between yourself and your boss, it has to be earned.  Many, many times, a jock has told me that he or she would like to be given a shot at a drive-time slot or maybe being an APD.  My answer is always the same: Make yourself the best CANDIDATE for that position.

But if you drill a little deeper, you’ll see that the reason the “higher-ups” haven’t given you that opportunity is actually in the same ballpark that getting the listener to bond with you lives.

Here’s what it boils down to:

Ego without Confidence = no.
Confidence without Ego = yes.

A closer look at this:

We all have egos.  A healthy ego is fine, but DISPLAYS of ego are off-putting.

Confidence is what you want to exude.  Ego works against that.  We all follow the most confident person, but we rarely ever just follow the person with the biggest ego.

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