Take 5 – Goodbye to GoDo

The virus has interrupted our work and home worlds. Instead of rearranging your sock drawer, how about fine-tuning your station?

Yep, you’ve now found yourself in a very real situation being out of the station bubble.

Now, you can listen more like a real listener.

Your first challenge is to listen for how many “GoDo” you have on the air. You know all of the “go do this” and “go do that” messages you are bombarding your audience with? You’re probably doing too many and they aren’t cutting through.

How many times an hour do you ask your fans to go your website, to visit the station’s Instagram or Facebook page, sign up for some contest, find a podcast, join the music team, go to this sponsor/client, and finally how to become a donor/partner?

These are all fine individually, and you need to promote things on your station. I’m suggesting you put your ear to your station and listen if your most important elements are being messaged the most. Are they cutting through the clutter of all those evergreen liners that you may not have updated in forever? Are there too many messages in a break or quarter-hour? Anything not relevant? More than contest?

Consider having a starting point of one message about the “why” of your station, one about your morning show, and one focusing on a major promotion on the station. Look at the messages you took off and see where you can successfully re-purpose them on a different station platform.

Your station will sound Spring clean and your fans won’t feel so bossed around. You’ll also have time to arrange those socks.

Next, let’s discuss your sound codes… it’s time for you to “learn how to code” as the hipster’s say!

TJ Holland

TJ has been voted one of the "Top Programmers in America" multiple times. He brings passion to mentoring team members and developing engaging brands. He publishes TJ's Take.

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