Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #314 – How to Make Interviews and Phone Calls Not Suck

It’s not exactly a news flash that most recorded interviews and phone calls are pretty much a big yawn.  Here’s why:

Pressed for time, it’s easy to let things slide.  With an artist interview, a lot of people think they’re sacrosanct – you shouldn’t edit them too severely, because the artist is deigning to speak to you from the mountain top.

But of course, the truth is that most musical artists are mediocre to terrible interviews, going through the motions because the label told them they need to do them, and they don’t know anything about radio.

So they speak to “the fans” or “the people out there” or “you guys” – plural terms that, by definition, can’t come across as one-on-one – or they treat the listeners like they’re just faceless members of a teeming throng that’s only there to fawn over them and buy tickets to the show.

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Frost Advisory #460 – A Programming Lesson From D-Day!

Something remarkable happened 75 years ago that few find relevant today. Unless you are a history buff. Unless you had a parent or grandparent in the military. Unless your parents got married 9 days after D-Day (which mine did). Unless you were able to see the stories of D-Day through the lens of today.

That is exactly what The Atlantic offered its readers. They took images gathered 70+ years ago at Normandy and photographed the very same locations as they appear today. It’s stunning when you look through the lens of how things look today.

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Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #313 – Two Ways to be a Talent “Investigator”

In the last tip, I wrote about baseball pitcher David Cone, who said, “I always believed pitchers need to be searchers, mound ‘investigators’ who determine the best pitch to throw, and the best way to throw it.  Then (be able to) do that again and again.”

The first way to become an “investigator” is to get coaching.  But if your Program Director isn’t very good at coaching (and sadly, some aren’t), or the station can’t or won’t spend money to get a qualified Talent Coach, there are still two things you can do on your own:
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Frost Advisory #459 – Are You Worth Talking About?

What if one simple change changed everything?

Weight loss. Self confidence.

Attitude. Growing relationships. Dwelling less on negative.


How can we get people to talk about us?

My friend Jim is a Cubs fan. He talks about the Cubs every time we’re together. The Cubs aren’t paying him to do this. In fact, the Cubs probably don’t know he is doing it.

He talks about the Cubs because they are inherently interesting.

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