Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #264 – Don’t “Present it;” Just Do It

Dan Ingram died a few days ago.  If you’re not familiar with him, suffice it to say that to a ton of people, he was the Michael Jordan of radio.  Primarily known for his work in New York on WABC and WCBS, maybe this Wikipedia quote says it best:

Ingram was one of the most highly regarded DJs from his era.  He was noted for his quick wit and ability to convey a humorous or satiric idea with quick pacing and an economy of words, a skill which rendered him uniquely suited to, and successful within, modern personality-driven music radio.

Yes, the style was a little different then, but he was FUN, and you never knew what he’d say next.  So with Dan Ingram in mind…

Here’s the difference between being just a “disc jockey” and being a truly viable Talent on the air.  When you have a story to tell or something to share, don’t “present it” to me; just DO it.  Like a friend talking to another friend.

When you get “larger than life” in your delivery, you lose reality.  And especially in today’s social media dominated world, with standup comics that are all about real life, reality shows all over TV, etc., that’s the one thing you don’t want to lose.

Yes, there are exceptions.  And some music staging or sound effects can add the show biz aspects – but even then, they should be subtle, and not just some percussion track beating along under your break.

But by and large, when people from the “That’s what SHE said” school of humor – playing it too broadly – or Talk show hosts that get exaggeratedly loud and abrasive as just part of their acts, with no real reason to be that way – assault our intelligence with that baloney, we ain’t buyin’.

And the good news is, you don’t have to be Dan Ingram.  But you do have to be YOU – the best, most believable version of you.  So relax and drop the B. S.  Entertain me.  Be my companion.  Sure worked for Ingram.

Tommy Kramer

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