Tommy Kramer Tip #254 – Think With Your Heart

A lot of shows struggle with getting any really viable phone call feedback from listeners.  They tap into a subject, maybe offer an opinion, do a solicitation for feedback, give the phone number, then… nothing.

Waves of silence.  No phone lines lighting up.  Or if there is a call, it’s pretty much the same type of call they got last time (often from the same tiny pool of callers) with pretty much the same type of comment they always get.

The safe, predictable, no-new-ground-broken feedback loop.

Here’s one way you might be able to change that: think with your heart.  Analytical subjects with “left brain” solicitations tend to lie there, flat as a pancake.

But when an EMOTION is at the center of the subject – and especially when you express an emotion instead of just an analytical opinion – people react differently.  (Both callers and people who don’t call, but actually start listening more closely.)

This is based on an acting tip.  When you focus on the Emotion that the scene is trying to convey, a blown line doesn’t hurt the flow.  When you’re married to the words, a blown line causes an awkward pause that the audience can feel.

This is why I often ask “What emotion is this break about?”  Because without emotion, there’s very little chance of connection.  And CONNECTING with the listener IS the job.

Tommy Kramer

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