Good Enough Isn’t

The reason that a product “everyone likes” will fail is because no one “loves it.”

Content is king

Is content king, like everyone says?

If so, why do so many radio stations, producing content daily, sound so much the same?  Why is it that radio stations produce so much content that isn’t unique, compelling or remarkable?

It’s because content isn’t king the way many produce it.  Along with the overused “content is king” phrase should come the idea that content is crowned by the listener/user, not the provider.  It’s only kingly content if the listeners see it that way.

Having content that’s king is a great aspiration, but you have to work very hard to make it so.  The same old, worn out ideas isn’t going to do it.  Playing “the best music” isn’t going to do it, because these days anyone can copy your playlist.  Content that’s King has to be innovative, relevant, and emotional.

If not, maybe the phrase needs to be changed to “content is serf.”


Alan Mason

Alan is an active contributor to the industry, featured speaker at conventions, published in trade magazines and publishes Mason's Morning Minute.

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