Tommy Kramer Tip #130 – Team Show Tip: Listener First, THEN Each Other

This tip is specifically for team shows, but it applies to anyone who has someone else in the studio, whether that’s a partner or an interview with someone.

It’s really boring to tune into a couple of people who start a break (or a segment) by only talking to each other.  It makes the listener feel like he or she is outside the house, looking at the party through the window.

There’s an easy fix for this, but you have to do it EVERY time:  Talk to ME (the listener) first, THEN talk to each other.

Here’s an example from years ago, when I worked briefly on the morning show with one of my dearest friends, “Brother” Jon Rivers in Dallas at KLTY.  (You’ll also hear our newsman and Producer reacting.)  It was on a Monday.  I had taken the previous Friday off to go work with a station in Orlando, but instead of turning to me and saying “So how’d your trip to Florida go?” listen to how Jon started it…

Note: If you listen closely, you’ll hear Jabba the Hut’s laugh as I mention him.  The laugh was Jon’s idea, and he loaded it into the computer before we got on the air that day.  Just another example of Jon’s brilliance.  Production Values – even for something that small – can add an extra dimension.

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