Tommy Kramer Tip #233 – What Did I Learn About You Today, and Why Does it Matter?

Here’s part of a post-Halloween coaching session recap with a morning team I work with in Austin, Texas…

Steve and Amy.

Well, look at what we learned about you in Tuesday’s show…

You’re aware of what’s going on, and you have hearts (coverage of the New York City tragedy).

Amy has managed to rationalize not wanting to go out in the cold to ‘Trick or Treat’ with her kids as THEIR decision.  (And Steve called her on it.)

Steve’s son considers “Mr. Blue” – a character that is apparently only about wearing blue clothing – to an acceptable Trick or Treat costume.  (But he ended up wearing a Coke bottle costume instead.  Not really sure if that’s better.)

Yes, Houston’s being in the World Series is great for the morale of the city, etc. – but to Amy, it’s all about a stolen base meaning she gets a free taco.

This is what engaging shows are made of.

Every person on the air should ask himself/herself two questions:

What did the listener learn about me today?

And why does it matter?

If you just did a show where I didn’t learn anything about you, it was a wasted opportunity.  And it matters because if I don’t learn about you, we’re not friends.

It’s about the common ground between you and me.  If we don’t have any, there’s no real point in listening to you.

I can put every song you play into my iPhone.  I have the Weather Channel app.  News is everywhere, at the push of a button.  And my car has built-in navigation with turn-by-turn instructions.

Yes, the music, News, Weather, and Traffic are part of a good station.  But that isn’t enough.  However, YOU… ARE… enough – if you REVEAL.

The broadcast world is full of nameless, personality-less voices.  No one remembers who they are.

Tommy Kramer

Tommy has spent over 35 years as an air talent, programmer, operations manager and talent coach - working with over 300 stations in all formats. He publishes the Coaching Tip

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