Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #580: IT versus US

Most air talents talk about “it”. A great air talent talks about us, and how “it” affects us.

Many air talents struggle for Content, but you can see Content pretty much everywhere if you think about how to make “it” about us, and if you do it the right way.

And the right way….is always to tell stories that paint pictures.

This doesn’t just apply to obvious “do Content here” breaks. Painting a picture can actually be done in a very few seconds.
Example, from comedian Rodney Dangerfield – “I told my dentist my teeth were getting yellow. He told me to wear a brown tie.”

Without diving deep into these two areas, you can be good, but you’ll never be great. Skills are one thing; nuance is a different thing altogether. It takes a little brain work. Forget about your voice; forget about trying to force a punch line in, and explore how to pull people toward you (in as few words as possible; we’re busy).

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Frost Advisory #724 – If Our Format Can Be So Transformative Why Are Our Stations So Ordinary?

This week I’m jumping on a big airplane to share some nifty ideas with a group of your CCM radio sisters and brothers. In case you weren’t invited, I’ll give you a tease.

A while back I was trying to hire a major market pro to do the morning show in a really big market with very tall buildings. Although we had never worked together directly I did trick him into being the image voice for a bunch of my stations.

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Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #578: The Two Goals When You Open the Mic

It’s very possible to become overwhelmed by what you’re required to do by the higher-ups. Research studies, guidelines for Content, listener profiles that only provide one side of the equation, etc. can hamstring an air talent to the point that you can feel like there’s nothing you can say. Or you second-guess things, wondering if you’re meeting the sometimes lofty guidelines that are presented to you.

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Frost Advisory #722 – A Programming Lesson From the 4th of July

The celebration of our nation’s 248th birthday can be a reminder of the transformational power of reflecting beliefs and values, and adopting common ground.

For 25 seasons I’ve had the best seat in the house as a semi-professional public address announcer for St. Louis Cardinals’ spring training and the minor league season that follows. That’s lots and lots of National Anthems, dizzy bat races, and seventh inning stretches.

Do you know what I enjoy the most? It’s when my voice is the cue for veterans and active service members to rise and be acknowledged for their service and sacrifice for our country. And, incidentally, that is when the ovation is the loudest.

What in the name of Thomas Jefferson does this have to do with programming your radio station?

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Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #577: A Simple Guide to Giving the Weather

It’s a shame that so few music stations do a good job of giving the weather forecast. An air talent clonking through it like it’s the biggest chore in the world is a drag, but by far, the more irritating form is the person who has to give every single little detail. Let me help you with this…

UNLESS YOU’RE FACING SEVERE WEATHER, the forecast should be short and sweet. What’s the high today, the low tonight, maybe the high tomorrow, and tell me if it’s going to rain (or snow). That’s it.

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Frost Advisory #721 – Why Is Your Radio Station On The Air?

Let’s have a little fun.

Tune to another Christian music radio station for 30 minutes, it can be one in your market or somewhere beyond, and listen to hear if they communicate their mission statement. You know, those scribblings on their walls, or their bumper stickers, or their post it notes and tee shirts.

In 30 minutes, do you as a listener get any sense of WHY this station is on the air?

I’ll wait.

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Frost Advisory #720 – A Father’s Day Programming Lesson From My Dad

“You can do anything… once”

I often heard those words from my dad’s booming voice. His acknowledgment of his son’s innate desire to reach out and try new things, while also mindful of his adolescent son’s propensity toward immature decisions.

Those words served as a life lesson of accountability. But, you know what? Those words were also true. I COULD do anything… once.

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