Frost Advisory #318 – We Made Each Other Better

I was recently reunited with some guys that I worked with more than 30 years ago at a very special station in each of our careers.  One of the reasons it was special was that we set a record for highest ratings for an FM station in that market up to that time.  Double digit stuff, don’tchaknow!

As I try to gain perspective on that time in my on-air career I realize that a very simple but illusive idea contributed to our success.

We made each other better.

The GM had a close relationship with the staff, the PD poured himself into developing the talent and executing fundamentals, and the talent held each other accountable.  None of us wanted to be considered to be the weakest link, but each was suspicious he might be.  This was particularly true for me, the youngest and newest member of the team.

“The people we surround ourselves with either raise or lower our standards.  They either help us to become the best version of ourselves or encourage us to become lesser versions of ourselves.  We become like our friends…  The people around help to make us great.

We all need people in our lives who raise our standards, remind us of our essential purpose, and challenge us to become the best version of ourselves.”
~Seth Godin

So, how does this play out at your station?

  • Do you hear the station playing in the hallways, or does it feel more like a lawyer’s office?  (This is a more significant indicator than you might think, because it is a direct reflection of passion for the product!)
  • Do your people go about their work in silos, where the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing; or do they interact openly as teammates?
  • Is your team willing to speak truth to leadership, or do they have to hold their tongue for fear of repercussion or ridicule?

I hope that someday, maybe even 30 years from now, you’ll look back on the those you’re working with now and be able to say they were people who made you better.


This Frost Advisory is dedicated to Tim, Ed, Bob, Kevin, and Casey: teammates that made me better.

John Frost

John has been a successful major market DJ and Program Director for such companies as CBS, Gannett, Cap Cities, Westinghouse, Multimedia, and Sandusky and publishes the Frost Advisory.

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