Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #369 – A Goal Without a Plan

Football player and coach Herm Edwards said, “A goal without a plan is nothing but a dream.”

You want to get better.  We all do.  But how?

If you don’t have a plan, you may luck into something, but probably not.  And even then, you’ll be tested.  Something will come up, like a hurricane, or the Coronavirus, or the Black Lives Matter movement, and you’d better have some process in place that’ll work for you.  As we’ve seen, people often blurt something out that backfires on them.

Herm Edwards can tell you the answer: Coaching.

If you can’t afford coaching, ask your PD to do regular aircheck sessions with you.  If that isn’t feasible, get together with a friend – or multiple friends – and listen to great radio.  Or even better, do group aircheck listening sessions in a “safe room” environment where everyone’s thoughts are considered.  (Great staffs are often the result of this.)

But don’t just assume that experience alone will transform you into a top-level Talent.  Like football, like golf, like playing a musical instrument, it takes work.  But ours is a creative profession, so the “work” can actually be FUN.

Tommy Kramer

Tommy has spent over 35 years as an air talent, programmer, operations manager and talent coach - working with over 300 stations in all formats. He publishes the Coaching Tip

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