Tommy Kramer Tip #185 – Intimacy, And How To Get It (A Team Show Tip)

Intimacy is the most unique ingredient in a team show, because often what works against it is that a team’s individual roles get “assigned” – or at least defined – by the PD or Consultant.  Sometimes, in trying to stick to those definitions, intimacy just drops off the radar screen.

In reality, the roles don’t matter when it comes to this particular quality.

Every great show has Intimacy – and the more THAT element stands out, the stronger the team will be as a whole.

Here’s the tricky part:  The Strategy is to reveal.  But the Tactic is to not compete with or impede that happening.  If you don’t know how to prep, but still be largely spontaneous, you might want to get some help with that.  As Pierce Brosnan said in ‘Mama Mia’, “It’s only the rest of your life.”

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