Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #418: Composition!

With the emphasis put on storytelling nowadays, a lot of air talent is left in the dark, with no real coaching on HOW to become better at it.  COMPOSITION is the missing skill a lot of the time.  So here are three guidelines that I coach:

  1. As you prep the break (or podcast), pay attention to what needs to be left OUT.  Most C-level stories have too many “scenes,” too many names, or too many plot points that really aren’t necessary.  Weed them out.
  2. Endings are the second-most pressing need for improved storytelling.  Avoid trying to “tie a neat bow around it” at the end.  “Aesop’s Fable” endings are fine for children, but can sound sappy or redundant to most people.  You’ll stand out more by NOT doing this.  The same goes for the “self-help book” type of ending.  Ick.  Knock off the moralizing, please.  And the ending should always be something that WASN’T said earlier in the break.  Surprise me.
  3. The first place where something unexpected is said is probably going to be the best ‘exit.’  Taking the First Exit is surprising in itself, because most people drive right past it.

Hope this helps you.

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