Tommy Kramer Coaching Tip #433: Two Workshop Thoughts

Some coaching sessions are what I call “workshop” sessions, where instead of concentrating on one thing, we talk more about the bigger picture, and how to reach a higher level.

It’s not all pie in the sky, though.  Even the best air talents need foundational reminders now and then.  Returning to our overall vision clarifies things and takes us out of the “critique” space.  Here’s an example, an excerpt from a recap of a recent session with Dave & Tristi, the fine morning team on 89.5 KTSY in Boise:

  1. Always have a solid ending in mind first.  If you do, constructing the story will be far easier.  Trying to tie a bunch of divergent facts together at the end is why writers and performers get stumped.  Knowing that the Ending is going to resonate relaxes the whole writing (or composing in your head) process.
  2. An economy of words results in fewer overreactions, phone solicitations get easier and more natural-sounding, and you weed out phrases that sound like ‘liners.’  You don’t want to constrict yourself so much as just trim things down, so they make more impact.

Sessions like today’s, with two premium talents who are always receptive… well, that’s why I enjoy the “workshop” environment so much.  (As opposed to the actual Shop classes in school, where the instructor always seemed to be missing a finger.)

Tommy Kramer

Tommy has spent over 35 years as an air talent, programmer, operations manager and talent coach - working with over 300 stations in all formats. He publishes the Coaching Tip

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